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~ Akileine Foot Treatment ~

The Akileine foot care crèmes and balms are formulated to re-hydrate dry, cracked feet and heels. These balms soothe, repair, reinforces and protects skin against harsh external factors.
Made with Shea butter and many other natural plant extracts, the Akileine range intensively moisturize, nourish, smooth and protects dehydrated, dry keratinised and rough skin. Also, help to prevent the formation of calluses and gives back the skin's suppleness while maintaining its natural pH balance


Akileine Regenerating Cream
for Dry Feet


Designed to relieve dry, cracked feet and calluses. This unique foot treatment offers needed hydration and relief instantly. Used on a regular basis it will help prevent the formation of new calluses and cracks.

Active Ingredients:
Shea Butter - Nourishing, moisturizing, healing and anti-inflammatory
Lipo-aminoacids - Balances pH
Vitamin A - Encourages cell renewal and prevents hyperkeratosis
Extract of Horse Chestnut - Decongests
Extract of Arnica - Anti-inflammatory and pain relief

S$30 per bottle

Akileine Hydra Defense 24hr cream

The Next Generation Dry Foot Cream! For the treatment of Extreme Dryness, Hyperkeratosis, Cracks & Calluses. Repairs, reinforces and defends the skin from aggressions.
Soothing and hydrating.
Provides 66% Hydration after only 1 hour, and Hydration is Maintained Non-Stop for 24 Hours.
Regular skin-moisture rate recovered in only 7 days!
Aids and Speeds Cell Regeneration and Helps Heal Scarring and Damage.

Only natural and efficient ingredients:
Silk Lipesters - Restructures the Skin, Fights and prevents Hyperkeratosis, is also Anti-Bacterial.
Imperata Cylindrica - A plant from the Australian desert which helps the cells maintain their moisture levels.
Camelina Oil and Grape-seed Oil - Rich in Omega 3 and 6 for their barrier function.
D Panthenol - Helps heal scarring and damage.

S$50 per bottle

Akileine Foot Peeling Cream

Feet with hard thickened skin, rough calloused skin and dry skin are common problems when you have dry feet.
Use Akileine Foot Peeling (Rubbing) Crème to gently remove the hard thickened skin and eliminate the rough dead cornified skin to leave the skin soft and smooth.
The abrasive micro particles removes dead skin and hyperkeratinised cells. The exfoliation of dead skin softens the driest of skins and helps the regenerative action of Akileine regenerating cream for dry feet.

Recommended use:
Apply crème to area to be treated, as frequently as necessary.
Rub gently until dead skin forms balls.
To complete treatment apply Akileine Blue Crème.
Use the cream as frequently as necessary to prevent the reappearance of calloused skin

$60 per bottle